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  1. A recent report concluded that the vocabulary is expanding by 8,500 words________.
  2. The Council_____________ensure that issues such as policy measures and reforms in the field of education and training are fully addressed
  3. He revealed his plan in a low voice so as not to be ________________.
  4. The teacher was angry because Tom kept asking lots of stupid ___.
  5. This book is especially aimed_____teachers who are preparing their students for English examinations
  6. Leibniz was important both as a metaphysician and as a logician and _____________________ his independent invention of the differential and integral calculus
  7. If you don’t mind, I _________with my supervisor and get back to you by the end of the day
  8. Schools should set their pupils on the path to a lifetime of learning, if they ____________ prepare them for the modern world
  9. The headmaster ___________ changes in staffing for the last six months.
  10. The approach to reading presented in the English Curriculum _________________.
  11. "I was sacked because I was consistently late arriving at work in the mornings." Sacked means:
  12. From a letter to a provider: "The desks and chairs should be delivered by August 28th at the latest". The sentence is a/an ___
  13. A notice says: "Due to works, blackouts can be expected between 9 a.m and 2 p.m. During that time, the use of ____ is forbidden."
  14. Our school is good at sports. Our team plays _______ very well.
  15. Parents shouldn't ____ stay out late at night before schooldays.
  16. Principals ___ to be ashamed if they cannot communicate in English with foreign students and their parents
  17. The notice says ‘NO TRESPASSING’ so you _______ go beyond this point
  18. The students ____ the room when the roof collapsed and nobody was hurt.
  19. Where are you going? The staff meeting hasn't finished ___
  20. Motivation makes ___
  21. The initiative was successful ___ the shortage of funds.
  22. Problems related to immigration are getting ___.
  23. There's a lift in the school building. Classes with people in wheelchairs _____ remain on the ground floor.
  24. The school psychologist ____ the pupils talk about their fears.
  25. Does _____ agree with the principal's suggestions?
  26. The new principal does not want ____ our students about their families.
  27. The prohibition to violate privacy rules is effective ____ classes
  28. I wish my teachers ____ more cooperative last term
  29. Two groups visited _____
  30. We cannot delay the adoption of textbooks. Please ____ and submit a proposal by the end of April.
  31. Some children living in poor districts haven't seen the Coliseum: they have never ___to the centre of Rome
  32. ____ is the term that most usually translates "(pubblic istruzione"
  33. Jeremy Harmer (username- harmerj), the ELT (English Language Teaching) guru, ____________about 4,000 people on Twitter.
  34. Software such as Skype can be used for __________ sessions with colleagues all around the world for free
  35. The open source browsers Firefox and Chrome are becoming more and more popular as people want safer and faster ways to _____ the Internet
  36. The use of employment agencies __________ more and more popular as they allow companies and organizations to hire staff on a short term basis.
  37. You _________ be an expert in ICT in order to register with an eTwinning project.
  38. The general criteria for_________ a European “Label” award are agreed at European level.
  39. There are a number of European initiatives that look to motivate the students and the teachers in order to improve their language ______.
  40. A language portfolio can be useful for both ____________ and potential employers
  41. European funds are available for _______ awareness of the importance of linguistic skills and developing language learning and teaching materials
  42. Progress towards the Lisbon objectives in education is going through a _________ time.
  43. Computers and the Internet will become an integral part of our learning process if current trends ________.
  44. Whiteboards, projectors and computer screens can all help ________ learners, who usually enjoy reading and prefer to see the words that they are learning
  45. Italian Education Minister, Mariastella Gelmini, claims new reforms ________ millions of euros.
  46. As competition in the job market increases, it will become increasingly important for young people to continue their education and ___________.
  47. Our personal information _____________ social media companies in order to target us with specific Internet advertising
  48. In a multi-cultural school, there ___________ be students whose nationality status prohibits their ability to travel abroad.
  49. An educational day trip is often known as a ___________.
  50. European students don’t need a/an ______ to travel within the Schengen area.
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