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  1. Many European countries' regulations include ICT ____ the initial education of teachers
  2. Class 2B _____________ to the museum this morning
  3. A: “I think class 3B has some very promising pupils.” B: “_________________”
  4. “He can be a very patient teacher, ______________”
  5. Montessori ________________ engineering before deciding to study medicine instead.
  6. A headteacher _________ willing to listen to the opinions of others.
  7. One molecule of pure water is composed ____________ two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom
  8. If the government gave us a grant we____________ some new computers
  9. Maria Montessori, one of the ________________________________ __, was born in the same year as the Unification of Italy.
  10. Gianni has an __________________ the most fantastic lies.
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