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  1. Innovative teaching methods that are based on active and experiential learning and may be enhanced through the use of ICT can increase students engagement and improve their results
  2. School teachers play an essential part in helping students____________________ the ICT knowledge and skills they will need in later life.
  3. Many European countries' regulations include ICT ____ the initial education of teachers
  4. In most European countries, at least 50 % of students are in schools where one computer is available ______ students.
  5. The existence of_________ICT equipment in schools is a primary condition for the introduction of innovative teaching methods and use of interactive software and online materials.
  6. Every morning when the class starts the teacher ________
  7. Children learned all of the songs _____for the school play.
  8. In the majority of countries in Europe, the use of a large range of ICT ________ for teaching and learning is currently promoted.
  9. Method of instruction or psychotherapy aimed at changing attitudes and behavior, in which participants act out designated roles relevant to real-life situations
  10. The government has recently invested a lot of money in higher education.
  11. If I ________ the chance, I'd study abroad.
  12. Class 2B _____________ to the museum this morning.
  13. A: “I think class 3B has some very promising pupils.” B: “_________________
  14. “He can be a very patient teacher, ______________”
  15. Montessori ________________ engineering before deciding to study medicine instead.
  16. A headteacher _________ willing to listen to the opinions of others.
  17. One molecule of pure water is composed ____________ two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.
  18. Which sentence is correct?
  19. “Shall I send it tomorrow?” would be reported as:
  20. If the government gave us a grant we____________ some new computers.
  21. Maria Montessori, one of the ________________________________ __, was born in the same year as the Unification of Italy.
  22. Which sentence is correct?
  23. John Bowlby was a British psychologist, who was ______________ .
  24. Which sentence is correct?
  25. Gianni has an __________________ the most fantastic lies.
  26. I’ll never forget __________________ in ‘The Tempest’ at school.
  27. Which sentence is correct?
  28. Which sentence is correct?
  29. Piaget described four stages of cognitive development __________ .
  30. Which sentence is correct?
  31. Montessori _____________ that teachers should be like ‘social engineers’.
  32. The acronym ADHD stands for:
  33. The brain condition which makes it difficult for a person to read and spell is called:
  34. I’m sorry I did it. It’s all my _____________ .
  35. The pupils will have to be ______________ into three equal classes.
  36. That boy’s always ____________ on those who are smaller or weaker than himself.
  37. We had been waiting for the coach for ages. __________________, it arrived two hours late.
  38. Blackboards are ________________ . We need to change them all for interactive whiteboards.
  39. Our teachers are all highly ______________ .
  40. I'm very busy. I have to write an end of year _____________ for each of my pupils.
  41. “Those children are always smoking in the toilets,” describes:
  42. “If you don’t behave yourself, I’ll have to speak to your parents,” is an example of:
  43. “The pupils have made a really good job of the school play. You must see it!” is an example of:
  44. “You should get someone to help you with your homework,” is an example of
  45. “The school canteen sells too many carbohydrates and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables,” is an example of:
  46. “Miss Smith can’t be at school. Her car’s not in the car park,” is an example of:
  47. “You don't have to pay to visit the museum,” describes:
  48. “Be careful not to leave any personal belongings in the classroom,” should be interpreted as:
  49. “Your compositions are to be handed in on Friday,” should be interpreted as:
  50. “Why don't we organise the school dance in the gym?” is an example of:
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