Read the text and questions below

Read the text and questions below. Estratto dal libro "Prova di INGLESE per tutti i concorsi pubblici"  di Gabriella Carfagno. Se stai puntando a superare il test di inglese per i concorsi pubblici, allora "Prova di Inglese per Tutti i Concorsi Pubblici" di Gabriella Carfagno è il libro che fa per te.

Perché Dovresti Acquistarlo
Questo libro è una risorsa indispensabile per prepararti al meglio per la prova di inglese. Troverai tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno, dalle basi ai concetti più avanzati, per affrontare il test con fiducia.

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  1. Read the text and questions below American films.  Interview to an anonymous actor. I have spent over 25 years in American film industry and I have worked with different generations of actors. Actors need to change their way of working now. Once the stars were special and there was a particular different atmosphere. The film maker generation is similar to my generation, at the same way they take their work seriously. Much more, they use particular techniques more than during my period. Technology is going on also in this sector. Today they have learnt how to plan their production and they arereally good and prepared. Film makers pay attention to costumes, make-up, camera angles…and it’s important for an actor. It means to take care. So I think that this industry is going to grow up more and more.  What is the actor trying to explain in this text?
  2. What does he say about American film industry today?
  3.  How long had been his carrer?
  4. What is his opinion of young directors?
  5. How would the actor describe the American film?
  6. Read the text about wedding in Santorini. For each question, choose the correct answer “Santorini is one of those places than many wish to visit once in their lifetime. Only imagine how it will be like to marry your loved one there. Susy and John just went ahead and did it in a spectacular way, and they weren’t alone. 20 guests from the US, were all there to witness a unique event colored by English traditions that were performed in great respect by all parts. You need to have more guests, it’s not a problem! Thanks to the immaculate planning of a wedding planner I got plenty of time to drive the coupleto my favorite part of Santorini, the ancient village of Megalochori where we had a carefree photo session away from the crowds of this ultra busy Greek island. We got back in time for the world famous sunset that served us as the signal for the party to begin... and what a party that was! English took over and lead the way to an unforgettable night with nonstop awesome tunes and divine food at a perfect venue, a spectacular Villa. Here you have your perfect weeding and honey moon at the same time. For a marriage here, you must provide all required documentation and be in Santorini for three clear business days before your wedding day. You’ll need two witnesses for the ceremony or we can provide witnesses for you with no extra cost. It’s hard to imagine a more gorgeous place to get married than Santorini. This stunning Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea almost needs no introduction. It’s part of the Cyclades islands and was created after an ancient volcanic eruption, giving it those signature dramatic cliffs and stunning views”.  (online researches). Why is Santorini a great location for a wedding?
  7. How many guests you can have with you?
  8. How far do you need to book?
  9. Where you can take grateful photos?
  10. Where is this Greek island located?
Dal Libro Prova di INGLESE per tutti i concorsi pubblici, di Gabriella Carfagno