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Domande in lingua inglese, prova orale concorso istruttore tecnico

fonte ufficiale: concorso pubblico, per soli esami, per la copertura di n. 1 posto di "istruttore tecnico" cat. c con rapporto di lavoro a tempo indeterminato e a tempo pieno, comune di Legnano (Milano)


In recent years, thè trend of covering layers on German highways has returned to mastio asphalt for many reasons, among them: sustainability, noise reduction long useful lite. Good planning and high-quality execution of thè wearing and waterproofing layer on bridges is essential and mastio asphalt is thè right material.

In terms of looking for a job, Linkedln is your best friend. You have to treat it as your favourite social media. Make sure that you’ve plenty of connections and that you former boss or colleagues recommend you and be very active because you don’t know when thè next opportunity will come up. Networking is thè best tool to find
a job.

Natura 2000 is a network of core breeding and resting sites for rare and threatened species, and some rare naturai habitat types which are protected in their own right. It stretches across all 27 EU countries, both on land and at sea. Thè aim of thè network is to ensure thè long-term survival of Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats.

PARAMETRICTerracotta is a project that combines tradition and innovation through thè tools of digitai manufacturing and Fabrication Laboratory. Thè spread of digitai manufacturing laboratories has brought new potential to industriai processes. It is a collection of hand-made brick tiles that can be applied to existing or new buildings. Depending on thè sunlight, thè different hours of thè day and thè seasons, thè surface appearance changes continuously and thè tight vibrates on thè folds.

Solar energy technologies convert energy from sunlight to electricity, either directly through photovoltaics or indirectly through concentrated solar power, or a combination of both. Solar power has fast become one of thè cheapest technologies for electricity generation worldwide. Thè solar market is expected to continue to grow, making solar capacity a cornerstone of thè clean energy transition.

Thè Conference “Strade a regola d’arte” organized last year has dealt with important topics concerning thè phases of design, construction and management of road infrastructures. Special attention was devoted to all aspects of environmental sustainability, which are becoming increasingly important, given thè objectives
and deadlines imposed on thè subject by thè European Community.

Thè entire construction industry has long been committed to innovation by investing in research on products and solutions, in thè knowledge that without development and without paying thè utmost attention to a path that focuses on sustainability, there can be no future. After ten years of crisis, in any case, thè Construction sector has increased production, employing more or less 12% of national employment.

Thè most ancient houses of Mashhad, thè holy city of Iran, are residential buildings which have confronted with transformation and been under destruction by locai municipality due to urban developments. In thè meantime, most remnants which have got away with demolition are partially in ruin or abandoned, in spite of
possessing historical values and architectural features worthy of being preserved.

Which is thè best way to learn a language? second language in thè same way. We all learnt our language when we were children and it is possible to learn a second language in thè same way. Think of what a small child
does: he listens to what people say and he tries to imitate what he hears. It is using thè language, listening to it and speaking in it all thè time that one learns it quickly.

Working in thè United Kingdom is really interesting as it doesn’t matter what you studied or what your previous experience is. If you really demonstrate that you are willing to work hard, to work in a
different environment in a different field, you can do it. You can change your mind as much as you want because there will always be an opportunity waiting for you if you have thè right attitude.


Commissione del concorso pubblico per soli esami per l’assunzione a tempo indeterminato e a tempo pieno di un “Istruttore Tecnico” Cat.C – presso il Settore Territorio e Attività Produttive.   Fonte : Città di Mesola (Provincia di Ferrara) 

Testo in lingua inglese, da leggere e tradurre. “”Po Delta Biosphere Reserve: Man, Nature and Development […] 

4.1.1 - Fossil dunes Fossil dunes represent the remains of ancient barrier islands that were formed from the Greek period to 1600. They are sand bodies formed by the wind. Their shape, height and extent depend on the direction of the wind, and on the supply of sand and vegetation which favours the deposit of transported sediment. They are evidence of a once widespread coastal landscape that today is fragmented, and therefore important in terms of cultural history. The vegetation on the fossil dunes is made up, on the highest part, of coastal formations of holm oak and coastal forest with hydric soils and anthropogenic formations of stone pine forests and, in the depressions between the dunes, Quercus robur or English oak forests. The herbaceous-shrub strip is Mediterranean scrub with native plants. The Bosco Nordio forest (nature reserve) exemplifies such a vegetation system, in which the most popular and interesting component appears to be Mediterranean scrub. The same dune cordon morphology promotes the formation of a permanent natural corridor and encourages the species to radiate out toward the surrounding environments. Here the dunes host a thermophilic flora that extends to the northern limit of their range, as well as endemic and relict flora. The presence of these areas, where the quality of the natural coastal pine forests amount to the preservation of traditional microenvironments, gives the entire surrounding landscape an added value thanks to the margin effect.””